First Energy Lakeshore Plant Demolition And Re-Use

GRC Vision for Gordon Park

GRC Vision for Gordon Park

The Cleveland Planning Commission has voted to allow First Energy to tear down its Lakeshore power plant at East 70th and South Marginal Road. The coal burning plant operated from 1911 to April of 2015. In 2008, the plant was the second largest point source of air pollution in the Greater Cleveland area. First Energy determined that it was not worthwhile to upgrade the pollution control equipment for compliance with new clean air standards.

Thirteen of the 57 total acres will continue to house high-voltage transmission equipment.  These 13 acres are south of the main plant. The other structures will be demolished. After demolition, First Energy will spend $15 million on the initial cleanup of the site plus an unspecified amount later that would make the site clean enough for housing or a park. The level of remediation depends on the final use. Remediation currently scheduled includes removing and replacing the top two feet of topsoil. The property will also be graded so it drains to its former wastewater treatment ponds. Grass will be planted to ready the site for sale or reuse. The City of Cleveland felt that if the go ahead for demolition was delayed, the money for remediation might be spent on other coal fired plants that are closing.

Remediation projects often take a long time so we think the City was right to move quickly. Click here see an aerial map of the site and photos of the site. Note the twin water intake canals that go under I-90 and are in front of the main building. This is a very unique feature that could be creatively utilized in the future. The site is directly east of Gordon Park and divided from it by E 72nd St, which is a sparsely used road. Cleveland Metroparks are on the other side of I-90. The greenspace/parks usage seems obvious for most, if not all, of the site. Read about our proposal for a Gordon Park Expansion/East Shoreway Relocation project here.

– John Veres