Our Vision

The Green Ribbon Coalition envisions an accessible, connected ribbon of neighborhood, community, and regional parks, trails, and nature preserves along the Lake Erie waterfront that inspires all stakeholders to protect, enjoy, and value this natural asset as an essential element of the region’s economic success, ecological health, civic vitality, and overall quality of life.

Our Mission

An alliance of thoughtful, innovative and responsible community voices, the Green Ribbon Coalition (GRC) is an advocate for public access and connections to Lake Erie, and balanced green-commercial development on the shore. Our mission is to champion and safeguard Lake Erie’s lakefront as a recreational and economic asset.


In achieving this mission, GRC seeks to:

  • Engage citizens, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies in dialogue and increased understanding of the true value of our lakefront;
  • Connect projects and initiatives;
  • Advocate for public policies that foster and support best land-management practices, economic well-being, and a sustainable waterfront;
  • Ensure an inclusive, collaborative, open, and transparent approach to issues related to our waterfront.

What We Do

  • Facilitate a comprehensive lakefront vision.
  • Propose innovative lakefront development projects to stimulate public dialogue of lakefront possibilities.
  • Consensus building among citizens, and political, business and community institutions.
  • Advocate public policy to ensure optimum lakefront land use, and lake water quality.
  • Support community development projects and initiatives that positively impact the lakefront.
  • Facilitate a funding strategy to complete critical lakefront infrastructure projects.
  • Recruit, manage and motivate volunteer Erie Shore Activists to engage in constructive lakefront issues and initiatives.
  • Have fun creating a great lakefront in Cleveland and beyond.