Lake Erie Coastal Trail

We have become part of a steering committee driven by the region’s metropolitan planning organizations including NOACA to explore developing a Lake Erie Trail. The first step in this quest is upgrading the existing the highway route the Ohio Coastal Trail, and working with dozens of convention and visitor bureaus, city planning organizations, and attractions on the North Coast. A phone app has been launched to promote lakefront attractions, parks and historical sites. GRC underwrote the web site to promote use of the app.

The long-term goal advocated by the Green Ribbon Coalition is to connect lakefront communities and the attractions, parks and nature preserves that dot the landscape. We hope to help facilitate the construction of all-purpose trails on and near the water, and the north-south connections to reach them.

Down the road, GRC is exploring the creation of a land bank to facilitate adding on the existing green spaces, and creating new green infrastructure.

As a matter of course, the Coalition will pass along the lessons learned through the advocacy efforts in our home market to other lakefront communities across. When the budget permits, GRC will produce “Community Connection Workshops” to help lake shore communities align trails with their neighbors.

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